Monday, July 21, 2008

Year 11 English A1

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this devil wears converse said...
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this devil wears converse said...

Irony plays a really big role in the story, It was written by Guy de Maupassant in the year 1884 when hierarchical statuses was very major. The story is about a woman who cannot deal with the reality that she belonged to the middle class instead of the higher class.
The main character, Madame Loisel, kept on thinking that she was born in the wrong family, thus the wrong social class. She thought that she deserved to be in the higher society because she had the elegance, beauty, and the passion to be one of them. She was very sad, and felt as though it was all unfair. She finally had the chance to join the ministries party which was filled with higher classed people, but she sis not has the clothes or the luxury to wear. Her husband who works as a clerk bought her a new dress, which punctures a huge hole in the family’s economy. having the dress, she thought that she needed the accessories, do she headed to her rich friend’s house to borrow some jewelry. Amongst all of the jewelries that she chose from, she decided to pick a diamond necklace, which she had no idea was a replica. This part of the story marks a big irony,
Another irony that could be fund is the way that Madame loisel thinks, she thinks that all of the rich people in the high society do not own any fake replicas of any jewelry, she thinks that all of them are very fond of originality and do not stoop as low as buying a fake diamond. It turned out that she was wrong.

Another irony could be proven when she lost the diamond necklace; she thought that the night of the party, she would be closer to the life that she had wanted. She thought that she would be closer to living in a higher status, but instead she had to work to repay for the diamond she lost, bringing her back to the sate she was in, and even worse.
I think that the author of this story wants all the readers to benefit an important lesson, which is to appreciate everything that you have. Madame. Loisel thought that she was definitely born to belong to a higher class because of the way she thinks that she does have what it takes to be in a higher class society which was proved wrong when she picked up the fake necklace. Finally the last irony in the story is that she had the idea that picking up the diamond from her friends house was going to help her exceed to a higher class but instead it brought her down. marsel bait 11